Be Yourself

“In the words from thine own lips, does one create ones’ own destiny.”


Life is a journey and we all go through life where people come and go.

There will be some that are good, and there will be some that are bad. Regardless of whether some are good or bad we all have the ability to learn the difference between the two. Either way you can allow them to have power over you, thus giving them power to shape your future, or you can use the power from these people and take that energy and shape your own future. Look at multiple ways in which various people have had an impact on your life and use it to your benefit, not to the benefit of others. We will all fall on hard times and try to find an easy way out. There is no easy way as long as you are letting others define the course in which you have chosen for yourself.

“Take life serious, but at the same time, enjoy the ride.”


You and you alone have the greatness with-in you to achieve great achievements and success’s.

Just as Da Maestro has made a number of strides in a very short time.

Where Da Maestro is today, is not where he was 10 months ago when we first connected through a mutual friend (Natasha Roumeliotis). I thank my Natty for this. Da Mastro’s words and how he presents himself  has taken on a new meaning in his life and the lives of others throughout the world now. The ideas and thoughts that once haunted the mind of the Da Maestro are now, not a thing of the past, but a reality of the moment which were once only a dream of uncertainty.

Today Da Maestro speaks these words for all who are willing to listen

“You are in charge of your own destiny, Love yourself, do not care about people bad mouthing you…Do not care about showing proof to anyone but yourself. Love yourself and use the abilities God gave you, live your life and leave the ones behind who gave up on their dreams, they died a long time ago….

Copyright Maestro 2011


About Maestro

“Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul.”

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